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 Flotation Therapy 

Halotherapy (Salt Therapy)

Infrared Sauna

Holistic Healing

all in one wellness center.


Whether you are looking for a revolutionary approach to health and wellness, or a mini-vacation from stress & tension. Our unique hidden gem is perfect with friends, a loved one, or all by yourself.

Located in Woodbridge Township just 5 minutes from Woodbridge Center Mall, our secret oasis from the world includes a private Float Suite that has a large floatation tank, a private shower suite, a private infrared Sauna cabin, and a spacious Himalayan Salt Room with Halotherapy.


The private float tank gives you the option of a total sensory deprivation experience (no sound or lights) or a customizable experience with options of lighting and full control of music, playing your own, or keeping it simple with the included spa sounds.

Our handcrafted Himalayan Salt Room with over 2,500 lbs of genuine Himalayan Salt Bricks creates a beautiful, relaxing eden for you to relax and unwind in while the state of the art halogenerator does all the work providing micro-particles of pharmaceutical grade salt to help with respiratory and skin conditions. In addition, our private Infrared Sauna goes above and beyond the benefits of typical sauna by utilizing Infrared technology and also including over 80 pounds of Himalayan Salt too. Transform your session with salt therapy inside of your Sauna session.

Find out more about each service in the drop-down boxes above.

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Float Tank

Flotation Therapy provides not only physical health benefits such as relief from back and neck pain and ease of sore muscles, but also provides a reduction in anxiety, depression, and general stress. When you visit you will have your own private Float Suite which includes a private changing/sitting area. The large, spacious private float pool gives you plenty of room to spread out when you float or to bring a friend if you want to do couples float. Whether opting for a short 30-minute session, our most popular option- 60 minutes, or the holy grail- deep relaxing 120 minutes, don’t wait to experience what some clients are calling a life-changing experience!

Salt Lounge Float Into Wellness Woodbrid

Halotherapy aka Salt Therapy

Whether you are coming alone or with friends, Halotherapy is not only a great stress eliminator but also an effective, reasearch-based method to help with respiratory, skin and other conditions. We have seen colds and flus stopped in their tracks and completely eliminated within one or two visits to our Salt Room. If you are congested, fighting off a cold, run down, suffering from acne or any of the other ailments listed on our Salt Room Benefits page, book now to experience Halotherapy!

Infrared sauna Float Into Wellness Woodb

Infrared Sauna

Perfect for singles or couples, our Infrared Sauna provided a comfortable, dry, safe heat so you can reap all the benefits of Infrared technology, such as detoxification, ease of muscle and joint pain, and increase in circulation while having a relaxing and pleasant experience in your own private cabin. Another reason to visit us is that we include Himalayan Salt Bricks in your sauna session. The salt bricks release negative ions during the session which help to boost serotonin, reduce stress, and create feelings of happiness and calm (think life size salt lamp).


What Our Guests Are Saying

“It was one of the best things I did for myself in a long time! the place is clean, the people are very friendly, knowledgeable and professional, its really personalized so you feel like royalty. I did the sauna and went to the float, I was having a migraine and some back pain, my migraine went down 80% and what back pain? can’t wait to do that on a regular basis and bring my family. it was a pleasure to take that time for myself. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★”

Anna Biteye

“The float was pure nirvana. Staff was super professional and the facility was clean and welcoming. Sauna was top notch and i recommend to anyone that needs a day of relaxation.”

Jacqueline A. Smith

“My Mind, Body & Spirit were relaxed and rejuvenated. My joints, my aches & pains dissipated for a full 3 days following my float. Very clean and professional experience. Large parking lot and back entrance are convenient. #LoveLoveLoveThis ★ ★ ★ ★ ★”

Victoria Irizarry Romanienko

Salts Massage

By appointment only Available 9am - 9pm 
7 days a week

Where we are

94 Green Street Rear parking lot entrance, Woodbridge Township, NJ 07095, USA

(732) 602-7779

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