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Floatation Therapy

Benefits for the Body:

Saltwater is one of the greatest natural healing agents known to man. Over 3 million people visit the Dead Sea every year seeking relief from skin conditions, rheumatologic conditions, joint and muscle pain, migraines and so much more. But why travel across the globe, when we have brought a safe and comfortable means of delivering the healing effects of the Dead Sea right here to Woodbridge Township, NJ?

We are fascinated by the reports of floaters who say that floating helped reduce lower back and neck pain, swelling & inflammation and we want to see that happen for you! 


Every year, more and more doctors, physical therapists, coaches, and wellness practitioners are recommending Floatation Therapy to their patients and clients, perhaps it is time for you to give it a try.

Benefits for the Mind & Spirit:

What has been proven to help people heal and to reduce muscle & joint pain for centuries, is now being proven to reduce; anxiety and depression.


Floating gives your nervous system a break from the continual bombardment of light and noise that is part of our fast-paced and hurried lives. This helps to lower stress levels which in turn can lower blood pressure, boost the immune system, and leave you with an overall sense of well-being.


Your private float suite includes a spacious changing/sitting area, access to your own shower room, and your own private float tank. The actual float room is large and spacious, like a queen-size bed, so you feel safe and comfortable during your whole float session.


You are always in control of your float session. It is up to you if you want the float tank door open or closed. Lights on or off. Additionally, our trained and caring float technicians are just an intercom button away, the whole time you are floating. Full sensory deprivation is available and your float technician can set it up for you upon request.


Before you enter the float suite, your attendant will show you to the shower room. First, any floater must rinse off in the shower with soap & shampoo. These items are provided for you, along with towels, a robe, and conditioner for your shower after floating. This room is private and stays locked so you can leave your personal belongings protected during your session. Also provided for your convenience are earbuds for during your float, washcloths, Q-tips, cotton balls, and eye makeup remover.

Ideas to bring:

Favorite drink to hydrate with

Slippers or sandals to wear on your wet feet between rooms.

Personal change of clothes or toiletries if needed

bathing suit if you choose to float in one

Favorite music or meditation music playlist (we play complimentary relaxing spa music)


**How many tanks do you have?

We have one large flotation tank. When you book a couples session we automatically share the tank space together for the same time frame.

**How can we go together for a session there but float separately when there is only one tank?

Book a couples session for your choice of float time and then add on an additional couples service ( like the Himalayan Salt Room or the Infrared Sauna) for the matching amount of time. Next, use the add-on "Float Separately for an additional $15." This will customize your session when booking online so that one person is in the float tank while another person is in the other service & then they switch.

**Is your shower connected to the Float tank?

No, when you book a float it reserves the float suite and the shower room JUST FOR YOU. We provide a robe to wear in the hallway. You will shower, then be escorted to the tank room. Shown around the inside of the tank for your first session and then after guided back to your shower room again. The shower room stays locked so you can leave your items there after your shower until your second shower.

**Do I need to bring anything?

Just YOU! We try to provide everything you need to shower and enjoy your session. YOu will have access to FREE earbuds and the use of a neck pillow too. We heavily suggest wearing or bringing sandals/flip flops or slippers. Makes moving between the rooms much easier with wet feet. We also have a water cooler but if you like your water bottled or have a favorite beverage please bring it to stay hydrated during & after your session. 

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