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Why Float?

Benefits for the body and the mind.

Benefits for the Body:

Floatation therapy has numerous benefits for the body; it is the perfect complement to rehab and endurance practices or simply to give your body a well needed break.

Muscle Recovery & Regeneration:

Floatation shifts the 90% of muscle energy normally spent dealing with the nervous system and gravity toward muscle relief and recovery.

Loosens Tight Muscles:

The antigravity float tank allows you to escape gravity’s constant push, so your body has the space to loosen up and expand blood flow.

Lowers Blood Pressure:

With the surprises in life, your nervous system is disproportionately on alert mode, but floating reverses it back to relaxation, calming your body and decreasing your blood pressure.

Boosts Immune System:

The total physical and mental relaxation induced by floating allows your immune system to build up its supply of natural killer (NK cells) cells so it’s ready to fight back harder next time against disease and illness.

Reduces Overall Swelling & Inflammation:

Spanning many cultures and generations, versions of salt baths have been used to draw out toxins while replenishing essential bodily elements, like magnesium and sulfur. In fact, over half of Americans are deficient in magnesium.

Lessens Joint Pain:

While gravity takes a toll on the wear and tear of your body, floating in your zero-gravity float room allows your body to finally catch a break and heal.

Relieves Headaches and Migraines

The float room’s calming environment, with zero pressures or distractions, provides the perfect conditions to squelch current headaches and migraines and prevent future ones. While floating, there is absolutely nothing to do or to worry about except to just be with yourself.

Benefits for the Mind:

Floatation therapy triggers the production of theta brain waves, a slower frequency range characteristically occurring in deep meditation or before sleep, enhancing your mind’s overall health.

Provides a Deep Relaxation:

Whether you’re battling with a conflict or simply tired from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, floating gives you the break you need and reboots feelings of well-being so you’re ready to take life head on.

Reduces Anxiety:

The low-to-no stimulus atmosphere of your float suite provides the most relaxing atmosphere for your nervous system to take a break. Your patterns of worry, fear and anxiety can subside as you float into a state of relaxation and stability.

Combats Depression:

The solitude and lack of gravity in the float tank provide the ideal space for self-reflection and endorphin production. Studies even show that floating can foster a longstanding optimistic disposition.

Conquers Addiction:

Research shows that floating in salt water restores the balance of the body’s natural opiate-like chemicals, such as dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin, which are responsible for boosting self-esteem and positivity without using external substances.

Lowers Stress Levels:

In our world full of screens, the 24-hour news cycle nonstop activities and work, your float sessions the body (and mind) has to work hard to constantly fight stress (and life). In contrast, your float session will provide the complete opposite – a relaxing, quiet, and tranquil place for you to unwind. Floatation therapy can reduce your cortisol levels and thus reduce stress.

Boosts Creativity:

Floating frees you from the bounds of gravity and from the flood of information bombarding your five senses. By freeing yourself from all the externals, which normally take up 90% of your brain’s and nervous system’s attention, your creative juices can really get going!

Heightens Mental Clarity & Alertness:

Since floating releases endorphins—the body’s antidote to stress—and puts the brain into a state of theta waves, you can feel truly in the moment and think at your clearest levels.

Accelerates Learning:

In the zero-distraction environment of the float tank, you are able to refocus, helping you to better understand and retain information in your pursuits.


Floating helps put your brain into a Theta state- the very same state that seasoned monks and meditators reach regularly. More and more floaters are reporting that their float sessions allow them to slip into a meditative state easily. In this perfect, peaceful environment, it is as though the float session is meditating for them.

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